Network Marketing

Today we live in 21st century, in the other words The Information Age, where even a tiny information can be as valuable as gold. Needless to say we need to use the Information Age thinking to succeed in life. Those days are gone when majority of people stick to one particular job for their entire life.  Nowadays people are high on entrepreneurial fever, they prefer jumping from one cashflow quadrant (ESBI) to another, in search of financial freedom. 
ESBI Quadrants:   E-Employee | S-Self-Employed | B-Business | I-Investor

In E and S Quadrants(the left side of the chart) we find people who are looking for safe and secure job with good pay , where as in B and I(the right side of the chart) quadrants we find people looking to build businesses, motivating people,  leading teams. These are the people who are willing to take risks, who are determined to build assets which generate income. These are the people who enjoy the financial freedom.

One of the important things about B and I Quadrants is that they believe in long term goals, which lead them to the path of financial freedom. Financial freedom is not just about having income today, tomorrow and next week; it’s about securing your income to perpetuity. It is about building assets that generate passive income; Income that continues coming in, over and over, long after you finished expending the effort and capital it took to create the source of income. One such business model that stands out in today’s world is Network Marketing. It’s the best way not only to survive, but to thrive in the new economy.

Network Marketing uses the most powerful form of promotion, i.e., personal word of mouth. The real power of the model is that a representative isn’t paid commissions only on the products used by the people he refer to the company, but often on product brought by the people they refer to, indirectly and directly, that can really add up. In network marketing, the whole point is not to sell a product but to build a network. It’s about building assets that can be duplicable on large scale.

On a broader view a network marketing company pays a portion of every sales dollar received back out to the field of independent representatives, who typically are also the products most committed and enthusiastic costumers. The real business is not the product, but the network through with the product travels. Network marketing is a real world business school to learn the skills of an entrepreneur, rather than the skills of an employee. It’s a business where you earn while you learn.

The job of a network marketer is to build relationships, have conversations, explore possibilities, get to know people and help them to understand what business is all about.

Today, network marketing is recognized by many experts as one of the fastest growing business models in the world.


Begining of Weight loss era!!!!! {Day 0}

Yesterday that is 23rd Jan 2017, we had a department photoshoot where we were supposed to wear formals, and I was looking awkward in them. My tummy pops out, my huge upper body and last but not the least my bulgy buttocks. I know I’m making my self look bit ugly and awkward but i’m not that bad. Still I want myself to have that image in my mind so that I would strive hard to lose weight.

So here I’m 2 am in the morning going through weight loss articles, trying to come up with ideal diet plan. Most of articles mentioned about honey, mung bean, green tea and detailed amount of food that should be taken during lunch, breakfast and dinner. They have even mentioned to do yoga aasanas and lite workout after having lemon water in the morning. Most of the articles were cautioning me that patience is the most important ingredient for weight lose. But I would like to mention strictly following the plan is also must.

I would like to start one month challenge from tomorrow. Today i.e., I will get all the necessary things and will also arrange my room so as to do little workout and yoga.

During my last winter holidays I attended 20 day yoga session where guru mentioned various excersises, aasanas, mudras and Surya namaskaras. Now is the time I must start to implement all the knowledge I gained during those sessions.

By 7pm today I will come up with detailed information of daily tasks and I take a oath that I will strictly follow all the necessary steps for weight loss.

25th February is the day im looking forward for. May GOD bless me.